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This community is closing.

I was a big fan of the original series but some time after that finished up I sort of lost interest in specifically hunting down anime to be entertained. I still enjoy it as a medium but am less likely to trend towards fanatacism at this stage. Being busy with school and eventually work also were factors in my diminished activity on LJ and this community.

I no longer have the time to hang out heavily on LJ and to be frank I've been putting this off for a while. I'm going to close all further membership and give folks some time to archive the messages they want to keep, however I'm probably going to delete the community for good by the end of May.

If you need some alternatives for your FMA fandom, please check out http://fm-alchemist.livejournal.com/ , which continues to be quite active.
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Sparks and Shadows

Title: Sparks and Shadows
Author: Inugrlrayn
Genre: Romance/angst
Rating: R
Word Count: 15,279
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Warnings: Angst and some mildly adult material
Summary: Ed's denial over his feelings towards Roy inadvertently cause an accident that would have killed his lover. Ed bargains with the Gate, trading Roy's memories of ever knowing him in exchange for keeping him alive. Opting not to tell Roy about their history in favor of not trapping him in a relationship with someone he doesn't remember, Ed must live with the consequences and risk the possibility that what they had was purely circumstantial. Written for fmabigbang
Author's Note: Thanks so much to sink_or_swim for the beta, and to rueme for the gorgeous art that can be found
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters in this story.

The rest of my fics are here.

There hadn’t been many perfect days in Edward Elric’s life.
Mustang- Your Mom

An Unexpected Gain (Madame Christmas, Roy Mustang) PG-13.

This was done for the LJ Ladyfest community. So I chose a very fascinating and very under appreciated Chris Mustang.

Title: An Unexpected Gain
Recipient: CornerofMadness (prompt 3: Chris Mustang didn’t exactly have a life style conducive to taking on a small child. I’d like to see her in the early days of taking care of Roy.)
Rating: PG-13 to be safe.
Characters/Pairings: Roy Mustang, Madame Christmas, and a few minor OCs
Word Count: 2188
Summary: She never wanted to take care of him, but maybe he would teach her how.
Notes: I hope this is what the requester was looking for. If not, I am very, very sorry! And of course the characters are the cow's not mine.

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pixelated girl being eaten

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As a result of the recent spate of content being posted that doesn't adhere to the rules or content rating, I am putting this community on moderated mode, effective today. This will add a delay to your message reaching publication, but that's what happens when people abuse the community for their own gain. This may or may not change in the future.

As a reminder, porn and spam are not permitted here.


I've lowered the prices on all my FMA cards, needing to sell them.
I ship from Canada to practically anywhere.
PayPal only at this time.
Prices are in USD.
Items come from a smoke-free home with two cats.
I will also combine shipping on anything from my Sales Journal HERE. (I have feedback there too.)
Any questions, just ask. I don't bite. ^^

So, without further ado...
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Question about FMA Dvd 5

Since Ryotaro Okiayu ( Scar from season one) is attending Yaoi con this year as a guest, I want to get him to sign a copy of the fifth dvd. However, I have never had anyone sign anything so I need some advice. I kinda want to get the textless dvd cover signed so what are some tips to getting it signed and keeping the signature from being smudged when I place it back in?