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Full Metal Alchemist LJ Community

Full Metal Alchemist
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All Members , Moderated
FMAlchemist is a LJ community dedicated to the discussion of the animated series "Full Metal Alchemist". The community is moderated by florence_chan

Welcome! Please read the following guidelines for etiquette and acceptable posts before posting!

1) Since this is a community that is dedicated to the discussion of this series, please try to stay on topic as much as possible.
2) Please put spoilers in lj-cuts! To do this, use: [lj-cut text="SPOILERS"]{spoilers go here}[/lj-cut] (replace [] with > and <)
3) Sexist, racist or otherwise hateful comments are not permitted here.
4) No flaming please. If you have a disagreement with someone, please take it up with them via email.
5) Foul language is unnecessary here. Please do not use it.
6) Since there are certain questions that may get asked over again, please check the community Memories area first before you ask your question.
7) Please do not spam this community with unrelated advertisements! Spam posts will be removed on sight!
*NEW* 8) Further to the recent thread about licensed materials vs. posting info about fansubs and where to download them, I would, as moderator, like to post the following policy in regards to posting info about fansubs:

Given that this is a public community dedicated to the discussion and promotion of Full Metal Alchemist, I respectfully request that all members keep information about downloading fansubs to private conversations. Any such discussions posted to this community after this point will either be edited by myself or deleted, depending on the content.

Please help to keep this community a good, clean place for discussion about the series and promote the series by supporting the licensed release.

That's about it. Guidelines subject to change :)